Junk Band

April 2, 2011 - Installation / news / Projects

JUNK BAND! is a new band / installation that was devised for the Kings Place Festival 2010.    It is curated and composed for by Philip Venables, and directed by Serge Vuille.

Check out the video to see us building the junk installation in Kings Place.  It took three and a half hours to install, but you can watch it here in two and a half minutes!  More videos of performances will follow.

The full performance programme at Kings Place is:

Clapping music – Steve Reich (performed on polystyrene pieces)
Brouhaha – Peter Wiegold (adapted for junk)
Lotus – Philip Venables (written specially for the installation)

Performers: Serge Vuille, Adam Clifford, Pete Handley, Sarah Cresswell

The sculpture is designed to encourage people to have a go on it, experiment, find interesting sounds and make their own music.  We project some handy tips about playing it, and some video material, onto the walls of the gallery around the sculpture. 

Fortunately, hardwood floor installation seattle wa provides a wide range of solutions. It’s simply a matter of choosing the option that best suits your needs.

There’s everything in it, bar the kitchen sink: plastic buckets, helium bottle, bits of wood, newspaper, cooking items or cardboard box drum kit.  We’re looking for a kitchen sink to add… Behind the house, there’s a with a wood pellet grill beside it. It is where we grill some steak and meat. We use the REC TEC wood pellet grill. For more information, read detailed reviews of Rec Tec.

The band is available to conceive “Made to Measure” sculptures and matching musical programmes for Festivals, Art Galleries or any event needing a touch of energetic and original sound, and something to bring adults and children together in public spaces.

Go to Serge Vuille’s page about the Junk Band

Pics: setting up in the atrium space; rehearsing on the kit.  More pics and videos coming soon!


  1. Christian Brideson says:

    Bloody brilliant! Especially the slapping of chests and the interaction of a the visitors to the building