FIGHT MUSIC: music, violence, spoken word

June 6, 2011 - news

FINALLY…. after a lot of cogitating, I have reached a draft of a research proposal that I am happy with.  This morning I sent it off for my application for a place and funding for a Ph.D.

The proposal is called ‘Fight music’, and deals with my preoccupation with aestheticized violence  in art (specifically music, of course!), and also my recent explorations into incorporating speech into concert music.

Fingers crossed I get a place and funding.  But actually the exercise of writing the proposal has been really helpful.  The process helped me clarify what exactly I want to achieve with my music over the next few years, and also where I should look for inspiration, aesthetic context and support.  I’m definitely fired up to do something (apply somewhere else?) even if I don’t get a place this time round…

Big thanks to Taymour Soomro, Anna Galt, John Fallas and Tony Gilbert for second (third and fourth) opinions on various drafts.

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