CONTACT dance-floor up and running!

September 8, 2011 - news / Projects / Videos

What an exhausting but wonderful week of hard work.  We started on Monday morning, when I got off the plane from Berlin and went straight to Kings Place to start constructing the touch-sensitive dancefloor that I designed specially for the Kings Place Festival 2011.

A lot of hammering, measuring, taping, wiring and tweaking.  Here’s a video of the construction process… (in this video you watch it 120 times faster than it happened…)

Then we programmed it using the bespoke CONTACT software written by Marc Sutton at, and Ableton Live – making the samples in Logic Studio too.    After 3 hours of mapping the location of each of the 120 sensors under the floor, we eventually got the floor to behave just like a 9-octave virtual MIDI keyboard, that spoke to Ableton and triggered all our samples.

The floor has been programmed with lots of samples about the seasons, from Vivaldi to Oliver Knussen to Girls Aloud to Tori Amos to some death metal.  We’ve also got the sounds of swarms of bees, thunderstorms, children’s songs, crickets, music boxes, clocks and the weather.

The floor opened today at Kings Place.  You can see people here tentatively trying it out when the festival first opened…

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