Philip Venables

The Revenge of Miguel Cotto preview

30 May 2012 - news

The preview version of The Revenge of Miguel Cotto was premiered on 16th May at Village Underground in Shoreditch, London.  What a great evening!  The London Sinfonietta were performing, conducted by Richard Baker, with vocalists Leigh Melrose and Alexander Robin Baker.  I’ll post a video of the performance shortly.

The Revenge of Miguel Cotto is a piece I have been working on with poet Steven J Fowler about boxing.  We were really interested in the ritual, signs, symbols, discipline of something which is, at its core, deeply brutal and tragic.  The formalisation of sanctioned violence, if you like.

The complete piece will be about 45-minutes long, combining poetry and music, This was a 15-minute preview, with a slightly smaller ensemble than the full piece.   We are currently looking for promoters to co-produce the full piece, so please get in touch if you’re a promoter and you’re interested.

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