The Gender Agenda reopening the Queen Elizabeth Hall

August 1, 2017 - news

I’ll be writing a big audience-interactive piece for four european ensembles: The London Sinfonietta, Ensemble Modern, Remix Ensemble and Asko Schoenberg.  This will premiere in London, Frankfurt, Porto and Amsterdam through 2018, beginning with the reopening of the Queen Elizabeth Hall at the Southbank Centre on 12th April 2018.  I’m delighted to have such a great platform for the London performance – the QEH is such a great hall.   The Gender Agenda will be a gameshow for ensemble, video and gameshow host, and will ask the audience to participate in the show, and you can watch this show even in a gaming monitor from Armchair Empire since these are functional for different things and that’s why people use it for playing video games using different sites for boosting and guides where you can learn how to improve in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, find more info here.  The project is being funded by the Arts Mentor Foundation Lucerne.

Tickets for the London performance can be booked here.

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