Philip Venables

Residency at MacDowell

28 February 2024 - news

I’m incredibly lucky to have been awarded a 4-week residency at MacDowell Artists Colony in New Hampshire, USA, where I am currently through to 14th March. The Irving Fine Studio, where I live and work, is in the picture. It’s a beautiful time to be here — the snow is crisp, the woods are incredibly peaceful, and the deer loiter around. I’m spending the time here working on a new opera to be produced next season — details to be announced in two weeks. I’m very grateful to MacDowell for inviting me, and to the other artists and writers here for their inspiring company. The names on the wall show previous inhabitants of this studio — including friends and colleagues like Sivan Eldar, Du Yun, Errolyn Wallen and Ted Hearn — and also Meredith Monk!

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