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Press images of Denis & Katya in Hannover by Clemens Heidrich

18 March 2022

Some production images from the Staatsoper Hannover production of Denis & Katya, February 2022, at Ballhof Eins in Hannover. The singers were Weronika Rabek and Darwin Prakash, with cellists Reynard Rott, Gottfried Roßner, Clara Berger, Marion Zander, Killian Fröhlich and Gonçalo…

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Press photos of Philip Venables and Ted Huffman

2 July 2021

Here are a few press photos of Philip Venables and Ted Huffman, copyright Clemens Heidrich (in theatre) and Dominic Mercier (in front of the red wall) respectively. They can be used for promotional use with the appropriate credit. Click on…

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