Illusions, with David Hoyle

Illusions is a piece for live ensemble and video projection.  It was commissioned by the London Sinfonietta as a “Note to the new government” and performed by them two days after the British General Election in 2015, at the QEH, Southbank Centre on London, 9th May 2015.  It is a collaboration with the performance artist David Hoyle

Illusions was extended in 2017 to replace the 2015 version, as part of the New Music Biennial 2017.  The work was recorded by NMC Recordings for release as part of the Below The Belt album.

Ensemble: video projection, picc.bsax / tpt.tbn / pf.1perc(BD.whistle.tgl) /  Requires click track (either for all players or a conductor)
Duration: 14 minutes

Philip Venables & David Hoyle
commissioned by the London Sinfonietta.
conductor: Richard baker, Sound: Sound Intermedia
producer for NMC: David Lefeber
music & video by Philip Venables